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About ​CreditReportRemoval

When you hire us, you are working with Attorneys with 28 years experience in credit repair. Your Attorney sends every dispute from the law firm putting the bureaus on notice and forcing them to take action.

​Call us at: ​​(833) 527-4357

The Difference

  • ​30 Years Experience in Credit Law
  • Thousands of clients helped
  • Direct Attorney Involvement
  • Disputes Sent from the Law Firm
  • Monthly Disputes
  • Debt confirmation letters
  • Letters to Banks and Lenders
  • No Hidden Fees

The Key Benefits of Working With ​CreditReportRemoval

Real Attorneys Real Results

Legal Credit Repair Works

Certified Expertise

Call us at: ​​(833) 527-4357

What Our Clients Say

“​Thanks! I was in a tough situation and I felt like there was no way out.
Your people are friendly and very knowledgeable. I am glad I found you....”


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